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Rua Gonçalves Dias, 34
Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro
tel: (24) 2245-4316

sexta a domingo de 11h às 17h

caixa postal 50060
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brasil


CASA STEFAN ZWEIG is a non-profit cultural private law entity, with its headquarters and legal establishment in the town of Petrópolis.

Its main objective is to pay tribute to the memory of Stefan Zweig in the house which served as the last home for the writer and his wife, through the physical archives with personal objects and those linked to his works and times, with a collection of books, photographs, documents, videos, films and library.

The museum CASA STEFAN ZWEIG will also be a Memorial to Exile, destined to make known the works of other artists, intellectuals and scientists who took refuge in Brazil during the years 1933-1945, and who contributed to the country’s culture, arts and science.

As well as organizing cultural activities such as exhibitions, competitions, theater, cinema and media programs and productions, CASA STEFAN ZWEIG intends to establish partnerships with like-minded entities, offering online access to researchers and the general public, and to stimulate academic research about Zweig’s work and exile literature in general, through study grants and competitions.