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Rua Gonçalves Dias, 34
Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro
tel: (24) 2245-4316

sexta a domingo de 11h às 17h

caixa postal 50060
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brasil


If you wish to, you can help CASA STEFAN ZWEIG sending us information, books, photos, films about Zweigs time or documentos about Zweig or any other refugee who came to Brazil from 1933 to 1945. Donations of any kind are welcome. Contact us.

Was it him?


In 1936, the late Maria de Lourdes Monteiro de Barros Bastos travelled by ship to Buenos Aires. In her family album she had a picture (left) showing a gentleman with moustache and hat - presumably, Stefan Zweig. But... was it really him? The family has no doubt, but does not know if the picture was taken in Rio, on the way to Buenos Aires or in Recife, when Zweig was already on bis way back to England. The fact ist that the ship Alcantara stopped at the harbour of Rio on the 21st August 1936. The author was then covered with honours and fell in love with Brazil. See other photos of Zweig, compare and draw your own conclusions: was it really him?

The picture was sent to us by Dr. Lucia Pereira de Lucena-Guerra, a friend of the family. If you possess any photos or documentos from Zweig or his friends and relatives, please send us a copy.