Zurich, Switzerland, 1902 — Buenos Aires, 1975


After studying in Spain, settled in Argentina in 1924 and began to correspond with Zweig, becoming his translator, literary agent, friend and confidant, and also that of his first wife, Friderike. He worked for the German language press and mainstream Argentinian press and was very active in anti-Fascist circles and in the Jewish community.


Twice, in 1928 and 1932, Zweig entrusted him with organizing his incursions into Argentina and Brazil. In 1936, when Zweig finally went to Buenos Aires to take part in the International Congress of PEN Clubs, he was his host within the local intelligentsia. He delighted in his jovial nickname “Alfredo Zweig”, such were his ties to the writer. In 1940 Cahn organized his tour of talks to Buenos Aires and the provinces.


He always lived in Argentina, becoming professor of Germanic literature at Córdoba. His valuable archive of letters, photos and clippings was sold by his heirs to the Exile Archives of the National Library in Frankfurt.


Address listed: Zapiola 1194, Buenos Aires Tel. 73-8062